Thursday, February 26, 2009

Picnik Photo Editing Fun!

I took this photo last summer about the same time I discovered the photo editing site Picnik. You can upload your photos and do all kinds of fun and creative things with them. The photo above is one I took in my back yard. I uploaded it to Picnik and decided to experiment with different text, etc. You can make your photos look like a sepia tone, black and white, holga style, ortinish and a lot more including many different frames and a large variety of collage styles. You can blur around the edges of your photos too for that "fuzzy" look that is so popular.

You can also edit, fix, crop and rotate your photos. You can add text, effects and embellishments. I love the collage feature, especially the fancy collages that you can use in scrapbooks and cards. You can even change eye color in your photos for fun!

It also links up to Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Photobucket and more.

It's free for most of the features or you can pay $24.95 for Premium Picnik to have unlimited use of all the features for a year. I'm paying for it because I wanted to be able to use everything. You can really do a lot for free! I have enjoyed it and it's helped when I've made some banners and avatars for my etsy shop (none that I am using right now) but I did use it to add the text to the banner on my other blog here. This sounds like an advertisement for Picnik! I swear I'm not getting paid! Just wanted to share. See it here:


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Couldn't you just waste soooo many hours at picnic... I'm a little addicted myself - I think!!

boylerpf said...

I use gimp but I sometimes feel that I need a masters in computers just to get a picture where I want it. I'll have to check this one out...the flower photo is beautiful!

Timeless Designs said...

looks like fun, I'll have to check it out!