Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun Project: Make Your Own Pinhole Camera

I found this website using StumbleUpon the other day! Make these for World Pinhole Camera Day! Here is the link to the PDF patterns for making each of these colorful and unique cameras:

I passed this on to my daughter, Kristina because she loves photography and I thought she'd enjoy making some of these. Even if you never use these for their intended purpose.....what a fun project to display! Each camera has printable patterns and directions.

I don't know much about pinhole cameras but thought this was a fun family project and it's a cheap one too! Give it a try!


boylerpf said...

What a fabulous idea! Do they really work? You are right that they would be such a neat display.

emmasgemsvintage said...

I think the cameras do work but it's harder to get the film developed. There were some good suggestions on the website about that too. I might make one just for fun.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Those are just so cool! Thanks for sharing! They look like they'd be fun to make and display. I will pass these on to my daughter the photographer.

Parallax said...

I've experimenting with pinhole cameras (yes, they do work, if you do it right), but never ones anywhere near as cool as these.