Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adding Vintage Costume Jewelry To My Etsy Shop!

Sales have been fairly slow for me on Etsy as of late. It couldn't be that I haven't listed or renewed much, could it? I think I will be adding some new inventory tomorrow and the rest of the week. It seems that I do much better when I continually add new things to all of my shops. Makes sense the way Etsy is set up...

I still have loads of vintage jewelry just sitting here waiting to be photographed and listed.  I still have photos from a year ago that I haven't gotten around to listing yet! I "cherry-pick" my favorites to list and save the rest for later......much later! Silly, I know!

The weather is starting to improve around here. I took my grandkids on a walk yesterday. We were out at least 30 minutes walking around the neighborhood I grew up in. Nostalgic for me...boring for them!

I'm trying to make the effort to get outside more often. I like to spend most of my time outside during the summer but right's a little harder to get me out there! I think I will try to weed my flower beds around the front porch this week as well. Time to replace the bark mulch as well.I've been TOO home bound this winter and I need to get out!

The photos are pieces of jewelry that I will be listing during the week. Please watch my shop if you are interested in anything! Thanks for reading.....Kitty