Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My New Blog: Vintage Shop Of The Day

I started a new blog this week that features only vintage . I thought it would be fun to search out some great vintage shops to highlight. We could all use the exposure right? My posts are very simple with a few photos and each seller has given me some background info about how long they've been selling vintage, how they got started and why. A few have added more detailed info about themselves. It's been fun so far!

I'm trying to let the photos do the talking for me. I love looking at true vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, housewares, toys, textiles, etc. so the photos are the most important thing to me! I do find the bio's interesting too! I'm trying to keep it simple.

So far I have made my goal of featuring one vintage shop a day. I'm hoping the blog will gain a following once I get a few months worth of posts. It will be interesting to go back and look at all the featured shops! Please add the blog to your favorites if you are interested. I love vintage blogs but some are heavy with information that most of us already know. I'll leave the research to others....I just want to see the pretty stuff!

I also have a section with links to other selling venues and networking opportunities. I've only added the ones I knew off the top of my head. If you know of any other viable options please e-mail me or leave a comment. I've also added some vintage blogs that I found interesting or informative.

I hope you'll take a look. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Here is the link to Vintage Shop Of The Day. Have fun reading!

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Judy said...

Hey Kitty,
I just love your new look,it is just great!! Look forward to reading your new "blog".