Saturday, January 2, 2010

Photo Negatives Discovery: Before and After

As I was searching through my big box of photos, I came across an old negative envelope. I really don't know how I came to be in possession of it.  There were 7 negative sets with 2 square photos on each one.
I tried to look at them by holding them up to the light and I could make out the outline of several children.
I realized the children were myself, my brother and sister.
I have only seen a few of these photos previously so I am thrilled to have found the negatives!

I looked on-line to see where I could have them developed into photos and discovered that I probably couldn't!
Somewhere in the comments of others....a few had success scanning them and then inverting them with their photo software.
So I cut each negative apart, scanned each one separately and inverted the photos using Picnik.

I was laughing as I saw each photo go from a negative to a real photo!
We were such cute kids too!
I'm the older little girl.
These are from about 1967 or so.
My, how time flies......and
I see how much my grandchildren
resemble all of us as kids.


Sign Of The Dimes said...

I'm glad you found these! You are really cute!!!! Love, your little sis

Its So Very Cheri said...

What a treasure. Was it regular negatives? If so why couldn't a photo lab develop it?


emmasgemsvintage said...

These negatives were different than the long strip negatives that I've seen. These were wide and square. I don't think the photo labs these days are equipped for them. Thanks for the comment!!

Life in Egypt said...

So no need to be negative about your find. I only have a couple of photos of me and they are from after the age of 18. not one before as a child And the only time I can remember standing in front of a camera was in A group school photo in 1953 when the Queen of England came to Rhuthlan castle.
I thought the photo was for her viewing. now thats being negative.