Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Girl.....

Here's my girl! My granddaughter Emma! She's the inspiration for emmasgems. She's 9 years old. She's off to Bible Camp this week at the same camp her Mom went to at the same age. It's funny how life is a circle. I never would have guessed that someday I'd be taking my granddaughter to the same camp! She's off to swim,craft,study and stay in a cabin with her best friend, Jordan for 5 long days.

I'm looking forward to the trip to Southern Oregon. I've been missing the area where we used to live and like to go back to see how it's changed. It's been a few years since the last visit so it will be fun. We'll have some extra time before the girls get dropped off at camp so we'll show Emma where we used to live and take her to her Mom's old schools, etc. Hopefully, these are all things she will keep in her memory.

I remember my Grandma telling lots of stories about places she'd lived, other relatives and things she'd done but never really paid attention or retained the information. I listened to her, just never thought that I would forget all of it. Now that she's no longer here some of those stories are lost forever. I do remember some of them. Probably a good time to note that some things should be written down for future generations, photos should be dated, photos should have the place and/or individuals noted.

These are all things learned after my grandparents died when piles of photos couldn't be identified. They kind of lose their meaning to the family....which reminds me that I have a huge box of loose photos.....undated and unidentified! I think this is now on my "someday" list.

I have spent quite a bit of time on genealogy research within my family. I thought it was important to have that information to share with my everyone in my family. It is unorganized and would not be understandable to anyone but me! I was working on a couple different lines at the same time and even I would get confused sometimes! Okay, another thing added to the "someday" list. I think it is important to know where all the branches of your family came from, their struggles and triumphs! To have all of that information available is a blessing. Wow, did I go off on a tangent! Funny how one thing leads to another.....


Jessica Haley said...

Saw your blogpost on Etsy. Your grandaughter is ADORABLE!! Did you take the pics?

Have you checked out It would be a great place to publish your grandmother's memoirs.


emmasgemsvintage said...

Thanks for the comment! Yes, I took the photo of Emma. I will check into Thanks for the tip! Kitty