Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

It's been busy around here! I just got all caught up on my shipping after having some great sales over the last week! About half my sales were to international buyers. I sold to England(a few), Japan, Singapore, Australia(several) and Lithuania! It's great knowing that my things are traveling the world and going to new homes in distant places.

I will be adding lots of new things in all my shops in the next few days. I have several Christmas/Holiday jewelry items that I haven't even listed yet. Not good! It's getting too close to Christmas.

I just opened a Soopsee account that features everything in all 3 of my etsy shops. Click on the badge in the upper right to see it. I've having fun customizing it. Lots of great shops to see there too at

I haven't even started my own shopping yet! I need to get on it. I plan on buying many of the gifts for my family on etsy. So many unique things that you can't find anywhere else! I'd better hurry or we'll be opening our gifts after Christmas!

I'm still in the process of decorating for the holidays too. We got the tree up the day after Thanksgiving but it sat there bare for a few days until I put the decorations on. I love doing it! I like the juice can lid ornament my daughter Kristina made in grade  school. It has a photo of her and lots of glitter! The simplest handmade ones are the best and most meaningful.

My sister gives me a new sister ornament every year....soon that is all I will have room for on the tree. I've got so many now! She also gets me the animated Hallmark snowman every year! I love them too. I'm struggling to find enough places in my house to display them.....especially with a Beagle that likes to tear things up during the night. I get child-proofing but never thought I'd be "dog proofing" as well! Oh Penny, you are such a trouble maker!

The weather has been cold and clear the last few days----in the 30's during the day and 20's at night. I can't get used to it! I'm cold all the time...I drag my little oil heater right next to me and I'm still cold! Hopefully, the sunshine will last long enough for me to get some photos taken of jewelry I will list later on. I need to take it when I can get it! I bought a photography tent and lights but I don't like the whole set-up and the lights don't seem to be bright enough. Live and learn!

Thanks for reading this rambling post! I hope everyone is more ready for Christmas then I am! See you soon, Kitty

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