Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hammock Time: It's Coming!

It's March 1st! Yay! Getting just a little bit closer to some sunshine and warm weather!
Yes, it's a theme around here as I lament the cold, rainy, windy and snowy winter we have had around here. I'm a summer girl!
I have a thick, quilted hammock that I adore. It's on a green enamel hammock stand.
There is nothing I like better on a warm sunny day than to drag it around my yard to the most perfect spot to take a nap.
It even goes camping with us!
There is no better way to take a nap or just contemplate life.
I take the grandkids out in the sunshine when I can and we rock in the hammock like an old rocking chair. It's so comforting to me and hopefully they enjoy it too.
Maybe I will be able to take it out of storage soon?
I hope so!

I wish you all many happy, hammock days soon!


Laura Rose said...

You give me hope!!

boylerpf said...

You are right...there is nothing like being in a hammock under a big ol' shade tree with a slight breeze. I'm wishing for a hammock day soon!!